Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Eagle Eye Official Version HD

Filmed by Jose Lamour and bc2tone 
Edited by bc2tone

Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Jersey Hip Hop Jersey Mix

Featuring Fugees, Jazz2Kool, Neako, Young Jab, Champion, Goody, Nye B, Gifted Miinds, Venomous 2000, GTalk, Big Osh, Joe Budden, bc2tone, Da$H, and Redman

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bar Pong Video Edited By Me

Contact me if you would like video work done for an event.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My first DJ mix. Sounds of the Chill

electronic, drum and bass, bust mostly hip hop/underground. HMU for ideas. I am still practicing..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Favorite Mixtapes in the Last Couple Years [Part 1]

[Curren$y: New Jet City, Verde Terrace] Every tape and album he drops is a gem. Pilot Talk 1/2, and Jet Files are some of my favorite albums of all time. This guy mixes syllables very well. His lazy flow and nonchalant showing off of how G he is and how cool his cars are is done in a way like not many of today's rappers do it. He is also overall a cool guy with a deep appreciation of classic hip hop as he drops allusions for rappers like Biggie, Pac, Ice Cube, Jadakiss, and more. On these two projects his beats are a little more hyped than usual. It works. Check it out. [Danny Brown: XXX] This mixtape is so honest and his 2 different voices are a great fusion to make this tape unique. 30 is such a circus type beat but it shows the passion and struggle he had on the come up through his voice. This tape is a great segway into his dope album titled "Old". If you feel a little dirty, confused, or feel like trashing stuff after or during listening to this then good. [Da$H: Cave Man Files] This tape is another honest mix that incorporates the feelings of being high and confident as well as having a chip on his shoulder but for good reasons. Name Tag is the intro that has a positive feel to it then we get to tracks like Apache where he shows he can also be on some "fuck you" type of stuff. If you feel like riding around feeling like a young disresepectful G to some very unique beats then this is the tape for you. Although he has been on some shit once in a while, his music is on still point and he is from Jersey. [The Weeknd: House of Balloons] This guy actually made me like hearing songs with singing in them. His lyrics are underrated as well. When his beat switches in the song titled Glass Table Girls he says "'I heard he do drugs now'/ You heard wrong I been on them for a minute/ We just never act a fool/ That's just how we fuckin' living/ And when we act a fool/ It's probably cause we mixed it" Something about that honesty throwing it in your face is so cool to me even though I do not think drugs are very cool to do, but for an entertainment value and to demonstrate his "idgaf" attitude like it is nothing amazes me. Weeknd > Drake anyday. This guy truly stands comfortable where he is at and does not give the impression that he has a character to prove to the world. He is just the... the Weeknd. the beats and sound to this tape are best to be heard while blasting and making love to your lady or a girl you just want to have a good performance for (lol). [Flatbush Zombies: BetterOffDead] The only thing that annoys me about this album is their goal to show off they do different drugs or better weed than the common folk. For example when Juice (one of the three members of Flatbush Zombies) is having a skit on a the phone with a guy that only has 5 dollars to offer is a bit immature or unneeded. However, their fusion of 3 very different voices and flows and beats that always make you think "damn, I recognize this sample. I can't pin my head on it. But it's fire". They seem to have a real grip on how they feel about society and it makes you really think outside the box, while still getting that fun/tripp feel. Mraz is the standout track of the tape in which they use an old school Lil' Wayne line for the hook as well as tracks like Minephuck, Nephilim, Bliss (a song to make you say not to take life to serious, which is good for someone that is obsessing over the little things in life, but for a person that already doesn't care about stuff it might turn them into a zombie). I am exaggerating but just check it out. Beast Coast will appear a lot in the following "Favorite Mixtape" post. [Robb Bank$: Calendars] This young man contradicts himself a lot. IDK if he is letting his hair lock naturally or if he is in between her legs just getting a retwist. Besides that and the redundant hate for the ASAP mob this mixtape is another lyrical piece that'll make you feel like you own your shit. This young man is Shaggy's son, which may have helped him get a head start whether he admits it or not but regardless there is something special about this kid in how he has a very unique punch-in flow, with anime references, the honesty in wanting to finger girls in their period, and just overall being a g through each relationship he has with a girl as he frequents throughout the tape. I will put "tha city" as an honorable mention tape for this kid but there is something special about Calenders with his cloud rap style that incorporates familiar beats to beats from producers like Clams Casino. (Part II on 4/23) I have to catch up to more recent tapes! I know! Denzel Curry, Nipsey Hussle, Childish Gambino, Smoke DZA, ASAP Rocky, Big Sean and Asher Roth (7 of 10 rappers to check out next week)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Lost: And I am Very Tempted is now here

Datpiff has it first. It was fully mixed by me. All tracks except circus, areopagitica, and eagle eye were recorded with my mic. Check out the sound bits used, and how crafty certain sounds were manipulated for your ears. This is a diverse and unique project. It is not intended to sound like anything you have heard before.
Cypher video with my brick set / east coast connect family is dropping for the summer. Until then, I am going on vacation from recording to teach the youth. The tape was inspired by experiences and imagination. The tape is intended for young adults (17+) due to its content and language. I really tried to make it like a book or painting through music. There are a lot of positive messages on the tape too. One love.

Description:  5th installment from bc2tone. Mixed and edited fully by BC2tone with "The Portable Studio". Get lost with this very diverse and unique tape.... Various beats by Canis Major, mjNichols, TLD Production, The Original Beats, and more. (Tape now includes limited edition toss away tracks) 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Water "beer" Pong Tournaments weekly in Northern Jersey

Something I filmed and edited for High Level Society. 
Shout out to my teams East Coast Connect and Brick Set. 
Shout out to FTQ.