Wednesday, July 14, 2010


3 years ago I was first called Tarzan by IDK who and it spread. 3 years later I am climbing over people in a overcrowded Rutgers NB bus and they cheer TARZAN! TARZAN! Epic.

Going to quote some of my recent facebook statuses.

" Common sense and common knowledge as well as having an analytical mind that can view things at different angles represent a true potential genius. Applying those things might even make you know too much and eventually unsatisfied. Its hard being a genius."

" This is plan Hob-B. "

"I know I will probably never make it BIG. One thing that I do know though is that I am making it... Making this music... Whether 1 person listens or 1 million listen. If I touch at least one person's heart or mind with it I feel like my job is complete. Mission Accomplished. Thank You for the support."

Ordinary day. Ordinary interview

Watch it. Nothing fancy. Hit me up on twitter @tweet2tone and tell me what you think.
Shout out to Alphaa Omega Films for hooking up the video and interview.

Friday, I am going to post an interview just done recently and it captured a lot that I want you to see. Posting new pics and the rough draft of the track list to "The Adventures of Tarzan" Mixtape.