Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What have I been doing? I have been seeing how the media manipulates the world. 
I have been learning how differentiated learning helps students. 
I have been recording and networking. 
I have been observing how many rappers take from Biggie and Pac. 
Which is done as allusions and also to pay homage, for the most part...
 "Jet Life" ... "Thug Life.. Wiz Khalifa wake up skit (Biggie's wake up skit).. 

I have been maturing, learning, and accepting. 
This world could be so simple, but we chose to make it complicated... maybe.

Anyways... MIXTAPE PARTY! DJ Sebastian Strange will be mixing it up on April 25th 
for the new tape, Lost in Paradise: A Conflict of Interests

RIP and Best Wishes to the Boston explosion victims, Kevin Ware, and other victims/recovering athletes around the world.
#lovepeace #lovesports