Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Personal Update + More

Got my Poland Spring Bottle case. Gatorade Case. Cranberry Juice. Milk. Protein Powder. Got the eggs in the fridge. lol I am focused. Tryna get into better shape. Giving up bad habbits. I wanna dunk an NBA size ball already. Hard Work. Got the bench bar, curl bar, dumb bells... getting to work. Oh, and I'm playin' ball in the regular. I just started 2 days ago and I'm feeling better already. Gotta stay dedicated.

Man, my iguana been acting up I fixed that dude up some good meals and just gave him and his tank a crazy ass clean. That iguana is family and I gotta be a good caretaker. Love that little green dude.

School is good =) Money Straight =) My body is better =) C_laudia still sexy =)

Missing the Life on Clouds, but my mind has already evolved too much so it's all good

"Better Than Ya'll" will be the next post during the day. It will be available at http://bc2tonedownload.blogspot.com

Have any of you ever been to hotnewhiphop.com? Well guess what? I got tracks there too! http://preview.hotnewhiphop.com/bc2tone click find all bc-2tone's songs

PS. Pay Attention to details, analyze, observe! Don't let something as simple a grocery product or as complex as a math problem decieve you!

Why I love Twitter + Mixtape News

Dude Has a Million followers. He sees thousands of people a week. He's backing me up! and he remembered me. One of my favorite personalities. Travis Mccoy of GCH.
He's another one with a Million followers. The mayor of my city. Cory Booker is showing his respect for my drive to become a teacher and as an artist. Whether he has people posts his tweets or not I think this is great!

Mixtape Name Change. Was "Startin From Scratch" Now it is "Just Practice: Starting From Scratch" entirely new cover and playlist then previously shown. Availble in hard copy and d/l late Feb. 2010. Email bc2tone973@yahoo.com for a free copy.

PS. ... Don't feel neglected. Don't feel worthless. I am here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wow the things that makes us say stuff is crazy + News + Thank You

I was writing a rap to a KRS one beat and there are random words being shouted in the background. As I am writing I am just focusing on writing and flowing to the beat. I play back the beat and the words or adlibs being shouted within the beat are the certain words I am writing. Sick! I just thought it's crazy how our subconcious mind works. It is 5:27 AM and I am already working on writing and recording. ADDICTED. Then I got real work at the school library at noon. Ugh..

Some News:

Hotnewhiphop.com finally sent me an email. I was "noticed" so that's what's up.! Hard work that I put in for Recording and promotions are paying off.

Cory Booker said in regards to my work efforts in school and music on twitter that he is "proud and grateful". Pretty dope to hear those words from a mayor.

Music has been recorded and I am working on making the Download Links and Youtube Videos so they will be posted shortly.

CONTACT ME! VIA email if you are an artist from the Jersey area that is interested in working with me. I am working on a a project that will involve a lot of features!

--Special Thanks!

I want to thank everyone including family, friends, girlfriend, fans, and others for their support! Shout out to Brick Set.

It really feels good to get possitive feedback because I dedicate a lot of time and hard work into everything that I do!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photos of myself that I'd like to share.

Photos Taken By C_laudia

NEXT POST.. New Song. Yeaaaah BOY!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Therapy. Different.

Hittin the lab. Next is something more for your taste WHAT AM I SAYING this is FIRE lol but next time... a love song or a sex song. Whatever everyone calls it these days. lol I remember Queen Latifah saying that back in the day I forgot where.. I was like 6 years old. Remember that but I can't remember that I turned a shower on and then think my mom is inside. lol

PS. Thanks for the support from those who repost my videos and etc. Just know that when it comes to a song it comes from the heart. Everything that is put in a song has personal meaning and man.. the music making process for me is crazy! When someone interviews me which wont be for a while your gonna be like damn! when I answer the question of what my music making process is. Pce.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

World is a messed up place... well sometimes lol.. serious mode now.

I feel like I am a dying breed. I do not live to be a jerk, to be selfish, to use people. People, be careful who you trust. People speak the truth and they turn heartless. I think... How can you even think like that in the first place. Damn.. it sucks cuz now I feel like I have to turn into your breed in order to feel satisfied. It will never end. This is dedicated to a number of people. Do not feel famous. nor infamous nor nothing. I mean feel how you want but F**k your feelings.

PS: As far as music no more hard curses will be allowed to come out from my mouth on tracks. Gotta be aware that kids may listen to my stuff and that is not a good look.

Brick Set Documentary Postponed.. for a very long time.

Group is going through a lot. A lot of personal things that I cannot discuss to the public. Nothing life threatening tho so for those that do care please don't worry. So instead of posting the funny ass Brick Set documentary January 18th I will be posting a short compilation of my life. Still gonna be great since.. well it's about about me! sike... I really wish I can make the original project but sadly nothing is made easy. Man a freakin lot I need to get done before this semester starts. Was supose to post a song for jan 5th but was too busy. Posting 2 songs later on January 6th. So check back. Brickss..

PS: anyone looking to do music and cannot find the right person (s) to work with or if any advice is need you can email me at bc2tone973@yahoo.com. I am looking to help people with potential and talent because it'll only make the both of us better. Working together is important. Unite.

---make a wish for everyone.

Last twitter post..

"Now I'm starting to understand Kanye West as a person and even @wale .. I hate that I care. Hate that I am aware."

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Song.

Going to be posting new music daily.
January 18 Documentary will be posted.