Monday, February 27, 2012

Trailer 1 of "Sleep Paralysis" The Mixtape

Was going to just make a track to capture my sleep paralysis that occurs occasionally. Decided to go back in the studio and make a whole tape with the theme. Dan (sound engineer) and I are working together to bring some new sounds and style. Tape will feature other NJ artists. On March 20th the full tape will drop. For now I will release some snippets and trailers.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Trimming the Music Library

It is getting around that time when I have to filter tracks that don't meet the standards I want my tracks to be at. I've done this before. I have a personal library of tracks that were released when I first started that were probably only heard by 5 people. So, right now I'm deleting some tracks off the first tape from the internet. When I come out with my next tape then more will be deleted from my old stuff. Consider it an exclusive if you downloaded some of these deleted or soon to be deleted tracks. Sleep Paralysis dropping late March or early April.