Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Light in August" The Mixtape: Themes

So here are some themes to my tracks in Light in August:

1. The coming of age: I rap about my family and how things changed. I mix it from first person telling to 3rd person. I also talk about how I have been changing.

2. Relationships: The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the great.

3. Addictions: Alcoholism affected my family. I rap about how it has affected me and how it has changed over time.

4. Being a rapper: Still down to earth.

5. School: My feelings towards it and what I have experienced.

6. The hood: Always in me. I share my perspective.

Performance at Peanut Butter Cafe House of Blues





Decided to show up in Allendale, New Jersey after performing in Rutgers Newark & New Brunswick as well as Brooklyn, NY.

This show was cool. Got to see people with guitars and singing. It was especially cool to meet someone in the audience that experienced the Newark riots in the 60's. He showed respect too. Much love.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Music and the stupidity of judging.

Lady Gaga and all these other artists that are considered great are sending out worse messages than gangster rap. They just hop on a jolly beat to cover up the nastiness.

And for my fellow minorities getting paid big bucks to degrade and disgrace your people, just know who is making the money off of you for making your people look dumb. Think of the bigger picture, and do not be a sell out.

Light in August.

I am an artist, not a saint.
I am a student, not a genius.
I am a fighter, not undefeated.
Through acceptance of reality and others along with ambition and goals I can achieve anything. Through my heart, mind, and soul I know what I am capable of doing right and I know I try my best to help others. We are all not saints, geniuses, and undefeated fighters. However, our perseverance seems to say otherwise.