Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Leak Abstract Video

Random footage from when I am playing with the cam app on my phone with a leak snippet from upcoming work. HQ audio version coming on the tape "Lost: And I'm Very Tempted" in early 2014. Beat produced by Canis Major.. full version includes an alternate beat at the end which is also using the same Crystal Castles sample.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why I make the music I make (Abstract)

I posted so many dates for when the release of my next tape is and... well I still never released it. I keep coming up with new ideas and continuously second guessing then liking some of my tracks again. I am still mapping it out. The purpose of the tape is to make you think about certain things in a different light while still taking you through this odd experience of being lost. I do not conform to the typical rap style that is heard today and it is not because I do not like it, but I feel that if it is being done already then why would I want to do it? Sure, I may have some short term success for being aesthetically pleasing to listen to at the moment, but in the long run I would feel like a sell out for creating gimmicky music that does not age well. If the music is real to you, then by all means go for whatever you please. If your objective is to strike a lot of hits by making something repetitive then I can almost guarantee that you will be in and out.

I even feel like Chief Keef is original in some aspects. I am sure I would hear a lot debate and heat for saying that, and I am sure I would agree with some of the opinions too, but still, I am talking about being different. He gives a sense of authenticity in his music that has led to a lot of Chief Keef wannabes and extremely horrible music... which I feel is a shame and should not be accepted into hip hop. BE ORIGINAL.

Hip hop is a circus. We need all of these different rappers or characters in it. Play your role, stick with it. That's what I am doing. Make music for yourself and that you are proud of. If it works, then it works. If it doesn't then maybe poetry or music is not for you. Well, all of the above reasons touch on a few things and also subtly explains why I make the music I do. No overused punchlines with a little twist. No saying a bar then a word after to make it a punchline. No tumblr antics to make me seem like a cool druggie. I just do me... The guy that is either extremely shy or super confident. The guy that knows how to have fun but will still be open to give a political opinion and also be open minded enough to try to understand yours. We're all lost in this world sometimes.

I'm not by any means preaching in this tape. The preaching is very annoying because not everybody has to believe what you believe in. Shed some light on it and maybe people will pick up on it. I just want us all to be thinkers of some sort.

Well... I have to get back to my music. I am trying to develop a solid sound for each song. This is a craft. In the meantime.. I am hoping that you all are working hard, spreading love, learning, being creative, and turning up.