Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Me with the camera. All star weekend and the Night before a big show.

 Still Ballin' and filmin'. All Star Weekend 2019
Filming LM Eazii a month back the night before a Saturday afternoon Vibes event. Check out what I captured on Youtube or on www.partiallyeffective.com

Filming and photography for Vibes in the City in Newark, NJ (bc2tone // Partially Effective)

I've been doing film and photography for Vibes in the City, the longest running weekly open mic in NJ. Check out @pe_productionteam on IG to see my work or go to www.partiallyeffective.com
Bird's eye view shot of me filming facecadet at the Vibes 3rd Anniversary Show.

Artist Yungg Lee with me during a Vibes show. 

My intern David with me outside of Vibes.

Internal Quest Broadway Blake David Mackz and me after one of the first shows we filmed for.

Vibes emblems during their 3rd year anniversary I filmed. Youtube search "Vibes in the City 3rd year" to see the work or go to the www.partiallyeffective.com