Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lesson of the week. Happy 100th Post.

Do as much good things in this world because you do not live here forever. Try new things. Be happy. Work hard, but don't stress too much.

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The Adventures of Tarzan- BC2tone Preview

December 2010 Release

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poetry - BC 2tone

I love poetry. I love the different styles, subjects, layouts that can be used. I love when it is recited and love when I hear or read something new. I will be reciting some of my poetry in New Brunswick next Tuesday. I will be putting on for my latino culture, my family, my friends, and my city. My favorite songs that I have recored have a poetic style (Cloud Surfing 1 and pt 2). I am an English major and really appreciate the art.

Did you know?: During high school I recited a rap on Broadway NY to open up for the play Rent? Bright spot light. Something I wasn't use to. I still see that light to this day, that's how bright it was. It was a great experience. Over 1000 in the audience. Standing ovation. I killed that performance even with my nervousness lol.

Come to Rutgers New Brunswick. Tuesday 7 PM. See me open up the show for a lot of great performances that will take place. If you can't make it... we'll be sure to post video footage on Youtube for you. Thanks.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I pulled a no show.

Mixtape didn't release. Well, this is because I had a sound engineer go ghost on me. Luckily, I found someone else to help record me. This Friday RonTheDon and I are hitting the studio to get some tracks done, including our "Cloud Surfing 2" collaboration. I've been practicing sound stuff and flows at my house but I want to give some quality tracks for the mixtape. I promise that this tape will either have a track (s) that will inspire you, impress you, make you think, or make you bop your head to.

"The Adventures of Tarzan"

Better late then never

PS New music video coming with the tape.