Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Upcoming Mixtape "Light in August" - bc 2tone

Yes, this is the title to a William Faulkner novel. I loved the title for many reasons. August is the last full month of summer, so it's where we try to push highlights for memories of the short summers. August 12 is my birthday. And with light there might also be some darkness. I get to show two sides that contrast each other.

This mixtape will take classic and great hip hop beats and I'll lay my twist to it. This time around I feel I will sound a lot more natural and closer to my full potential than ever. I want to talk about the good things and bad things that come from being a real artist. I want to talk about crazy life adventures and top it off with how I am becoming an adult. I will go hard on this tape with crazy flows and subject matter. I am working on this full project with one sound engineer, Dan the man. It's going to be carefully put together and will be another experiment on a whole other level. It will have a different sound to it. I plan to bring something I have never done to the table for this one.

Couple Track names:

Sleep Paralysis
Sex in the Summer Time
Either way I'm still a leader

Set to be out sponsored on August 2nd. If not, it will be out slightly earlier. I'm excited. You should be too. This one is gonna be crazy.

PS. I don't need a manager to tell me to put in work. I put in work cuz I'm a real artist making real music inspired by life.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

bc 2-Tone Fotos or Photos

bc2tone bottle smaller

(Finishing post with more pics later)

Cloud Surfing 2 Video + Live Performance at Rutgers

Feel like your in space. Edited by yours truly.

This was fun. Thank you all that came.
Getting more comfortable with performing.