Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Insomniac should be the name of my next mixtape lol

So, I am going through that phase again when I cannot sleep. Last night I even left my house at 3:30 in the morning to go get a X Bacon sandwhich from the other side of Newark. Yeah.. and I took the bus and walked through downtown and Ferry to get there. Wildn. As I walked I felt really bad for the homeless people out there. There was even a woman who had her face rested on the cold concrete out by Penn Station. Almost looked like she was dead. I woke her up by a lil yell saying "excuse me miss". I held out a dollar for her she denied it and just went back to sleep. Maybe sleep is worth more than money. I felt bad, maybe it takes her a while to go to sleep. Anyways, I just like looking out for people.. even if it may not be the smartest thing to do.

What I also noticed when walking was how I had to walk tall and look tough. It is a scary place out there. Sometimes people have to mean mug because the streets cannot be survived without being fierce. Showed a lot.

When getting to this Portuguese restauraunt I imediately felt as if I was a threat. I just want to be seen as another human being. I can tell the man working there expected me not to pay or something and this woman found it odd for a person like me (ghetto style/ rican) to walk in there especially without any Portuguese friends to tag along. I guess I cannot blame them. I think everyone does it in some way. What I do know for a fact is that being a true racist is so sad because it limits what you can do in life. Not that these people are racist at all but another situation I faced showed me what a true racist is and it is sad. Even if I do not really seem to get along with certain types of people I still give everyone a chance. I have so many different culture, religion, nationality friends I feel like I've been around the world. It feels great to embrace other cultures and people.

I think everyone should not see people for qualities such as nationality or religion. People should be seen for how they behave, act, react, work, and connect with one another. People should embrace it and see it as a good thing like I already said.

So I am up again 5:06 AM. But at least I am doing what I love, blogging. Now back to my video making. Got a documentary and a couple music videos to publish soon. Gotta get this done before the semester starts cuz tryna get a 4.0 yepp. Thanks 4 reading!

PS. Fk spell checking. and if interested in music go to http://bc2tone.tumblr.com

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Love, Forgive, Enjoy, and Relax

bc 2-Tone

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Father's Music Shop Comes to Closing

It brought tears to my eyes to hear my father tell me he had to close his music shop. Over 20 years of being in business and now because of illegal downloading and bootlegging his honest business became obsoslete. This is sad because of all the history of the store. Started off with RonTheDon's father and my father. The store was robbed when first opened. The next day our crazy fathers stood out with weapons waiting for anyone who was trying to break in again (almost comical lol). Luckily it did not come down to the point where any violence took place but for many years to come my father held the store. RonTheDon's father left out and went to become a truck driver. While my dad was living it up wth success in the early 90's. It was the life with him. No more working a hard job at the airport. He was his own boss. With his own place to relx and chill with friends after closing hours. Throughout this journey my dad became a man. He was betrayed by an employee who he hired. This man who he hired was given all the respect by my dad and this man took advantage and tried to taint my father's name and steal from him and even open a store 2 blocks from my father's location. This is just some of the drama in the history of my father's store. Now as far as the good. This was his life. He is a businessman. A kind man to the neighborhood. CITY SOUNDS. This is the spot where true Puerto Ricans came to as well as other people who embraced the culture. Everyone was welcome. Late night plartying playing instruments people having fun. Too much to even say while typing and it hurts to know that my father's home is going away. He dedicated his life to his store. It was a home for us all. Now my father is accepting that he has to close business. He held off quite longer than expected. Great man. Things will change for the better. He has been straightening up everything in life. Once an alchoholic, now a sober man. That says a lot. He has dedication! Things will get better. For now the memories is what will live. The music will last forever! Music is in my family's blood. Now I need to record a track with some spanish flavor lol.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brick Set is going Hollywood

Tomorrow morning I go to California. Let's see what the hype is about. I want to thank my babe Claudia for helping with the trip a lot, Continental Airlines, and Jerzee Joe since I will be going with him. I am going to put on for the crew that I helped create and will continue to let grow. Sign up for Ustream. You can watch the webshow here but don't think you can interact unless you get an account and watch it through the page. For now just listen to my music as well as other music that may involve Hollywood. Eminem and System of a Down have good songs that talk about crazy Hollywood. I want to make a song about Hollywood, but after I exprerience it. I will miss Newark. I love all of you who support and respect me and I thank you.


Check out this new song I put together quickly last night ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bricks are Crumbling. I will pick them up.

What's the point in making a soap oprah of a rap group? We always hit eachother up. I see others hit you up to work as well, and it seems like you are leaving because of one dude. I never chose sides. You want to leave what you helped create, that is like leaving your child. We were just starting to blow up. I was just finishing school and I read some bull shit. I was always there for everyone that needed me. Now someone leaves and taints the name of Brick Set. Just know I will keep pushing and promoting that name because that name is what promotes me, and promotes all of us in the crew. Man it's still Brick Set and I'll carry the name on my back no matter how much the "building weighs".

On other news.
Jerzee Joe and I are still going to California to chill and promote for Brick Set.
Sign up for Ustream to interact with our live shows down there because we want to
still be with our people from Jersey! Check up for more info as to the time were going on. http://ustream.com

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brick Set is finally falling into place.

Now what you guys may not know is that things between the crew are a little shady. Some members are not getting along. Some are not putting in as much effort as we'd like. HOWEVER! Now I am going to take initiative to save the crew. I just sent a message to my Brick Set brothers on how we will group up. We got plans! Big Plans! T shirts, fliers, a party, heavy recording in the studio, taking group pics, getting organized, posting MP3's online, and printing hard copy mixtapes. All that will come into works and it will show. Individual, duo, and group mixtapes are going to be finalized by the end of FEBRUARY. That is when everything will change and Brick Set will be known, respected, loved, feared, and hated. BRICK SET you heard it here first.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am different. I know it.

Standing on Market St. in front of a check cash place I just watch how people are. The young are living reckless. TThe old guys are doing anything to have a conversation with a yound lady, whether its giving them a free newspaper or asking about their kids. I see how wild some people act and how out of towners have an uncomfortable look in their face when they are walking to the prudential building. I am standing. One dude comes up to me and asks where the weed at? I say Idk check up the block. What I was thinking is that do I look like a drug dealer? Then a hispanic teenager comes up to me and asks where are the spots to shop? I give him some names and asks where he is from.. Trenton. So I ask myself do I look like I know where to shop. Then I give this bum a quarter before I walk in the check cash and he tells me a long story about how he had dreads. Nice dude. He was like fascinated by me. What I'm saying is that people make a character up for you based on appearance. Also, old people are fun to talk to.

Changing the subject.. Man I am still the class clown man, a better one now tho lol. I am unpredictable I don't even know what I will say in a class. All I know is that professors love it, students love it or hate it, and I just think I am lucky. When I blow up do interviews on my classmates and ask how was it like being in the classroom with 2-Tone. You will laugh your heart out and be in disbelief. I don't want to get into the details about specifics. Just know that Life is fun-ny.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going to take a break.

Happy Holidays people. Black Friday was successful. Turned my swag on wit babe. Shit has been crazy past week. Well my fellow fans I have to tell you that I will be taking it easy with blog posting until the semester is over. Gotta concentrate on finals. When I come back I will be coming back extremely HARD. New Music. Have cool videos up and even pictures from photo shoots. Well for now GOOGLE "BC 2-tone" facebook me or youtube search me. See what I have done so far. One thing I will be posting frequently still during this break is tweets. follow me on twitter @tweet2tone. Get to know me by reading old blog posts too. Thanks people. See you soon and will have a lot to share!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Can't Sleep so I did a self interview

What it do. Busy weekend. Recording. Fixing tracks up. Posting vids. Doin HW. I am up at for in the morning but really awake like its a normal time. NOT HEALTHY. I am getting skinnier everyday I gotta get back on track man. So i just walked to the gas station got some food. And now I am ready to get on track especially since there is a week off school this week. Much needed break. Gonna go up 10 pounds WORD up. GYM

Here we go.

Name a couple artists that you would love or wish to do a feature with:

Lil' Wayne (legend)
Currensy (Would be a layed back session)
Mike Posner (Fresh Artist. Interesting Songs plus is a singer)
Kid Cudi (Different)
Kanye (I wonder how I would sound working with him)
Travis Mccoy & Gym Class Heroes (Interesting Person/ rock feel)
The Game (Hip Hip man)
Jay-Z (Need I say More)
Jonus Brothers? prolly spelled it wrong. (Get mad fans lmao)

Why do you rap?

I know I have a lot of potential. I want to show what I can do.
I know I can write really well. Punchlines, Stories, Etc.
Tryna' become a good freestylist and show I can work with tracks.
I am getting a lot better. It shows. I love the feeling.
I use my music to speak for me. Hey, just watch my Booker video.
Lastly, it is a lifestyle. Brings people together.

To be continued..

Thursday, November 19, 2009


IDC if the quality is low or w/e I wanna push these tracks out. they gonna be rolling in!!! LOVE YA. and don't forget go to http://www.imeem.com/people/HToZNVg
For all the tracks. Guarenteed 5 tracks comin in this weekend cuz they are already done and outdue allllllll the shit I ever put up PCEE

On da Ustream. Music Still Comin up. Got mad footage too.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hey people. I feel like life is good and so should you! Make the best out of everything. Cliche maybe but beats being depressed. Anyways this is my second shot at doing this blog. Server timed out and erased everything before so I'mma do things a little bit different this time. Gonna give ya a nice list of things to think about. Quote me if you'd like Hit me up to talk about any of these things if you'd like or w/e. Welcome to 2-Tone's life.

RESPECT is key in life. You go places with it. Get connections, make everyone happy, and feel good about yourself. People that are disrespectful on the regular are setting a trap for themselves. You are limiting the doors that you can open in life. Hence, respect is key.

RELATIONS are very fun in life. However, for those dudes that try to get all the ass possible and take advantage of good girls, please just do the hoes. They are there for you! They'll even play hard to get with you. For those girls that try to get any dick possible, can you please not corrupt a good guys mind. There are those male hoes out there too. A true "pimp" is a man that gets the hardest to get 9s and dime pieces. They try to make a relationship work and do not disrespect the lady. BTW, personality and the way a girl carries herself can make a 7 into a dime. Being a strong woman is sexy. Down to Earth woman sexy.

RELATIONSHIPS: If you are willing to change for that person then you are right for them. If they change for you they are right for you. However, still be yourself because you have to love that person for who they are and vice versa.

IGNORANCE: Everyone can be ignorant or have feelings that do not seem to open minded. If someone wants to state something ignorant can you please be creative with it or have a meaningful purpose. People look so stupid when they place their judgment on other people with no back up or reasoning, as well.

PERSPECTIVE: The world is round. Which means in sense there is no real side. If it were rectangular there would be direct sides. I mean u can say the left side of the earth and many other things but nothing like a rectangle. Think of people as a world. They live in their own world and they live in the whole world. Therefore you have to look at it from someone's angle if you must judgment. Don't just take what you see as the evidence. Look through their angle, their eyes. They are not just a side. They are in a sense a whole different world. We can not look at sides to a world. We pinpoint from angles.

Thanks for reading. be respectful. Push for your dreams. Be Positive

(was not edited and somethings are made to not
make direct sense but you should make sense of it)

BC 2-Tone [Next Post is Music]

Friday, November 6, 2009

My life Update

Life is pretty stressful just like any life should be at least one two points. I am still recovering from the flu. Been feeling weak and tired lately. School is going pretty good but could be a lot better. I am not recording as much as I want and I am slacking when it comes to releasing my music. A lot more shit in my personal life going on too. I guess I am going through one of my teenage depression stages. I love music but I gotta get school done first so sorry for the slow process. For now I'll just put on my iPod and get these papers done. Don't forget to youtube search Brick Set or bc 2tone. I once again have to thank anyone who has been keeping up with me. I just want to live forever and be known as a person that cared about music, people, friends, family, and responsibility. Check out the vid. I'm expanding my web promos.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mixtape cover news

Gonna change the photo of me on the cover of Startin From Scratch. I am so sick of it.
Here's my second mixtape cover. "The Next Stop". Mixtape is going to be a story of my journey as a person and rapper. It is going to include a few freestyles as well but it is going to be more personal, deep, and have more concept. I am maturing with my music.
I am gonna hit the studio now. Gotta edit all the songs I got. I got rock song beats I am hitting up BLAH! Fk wit me lol

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Rap Name // request songs // Brick Set Movie

Rap name is no longer just 2-Tone. Now it is BC2-Tone. More originality and deeper meaning. Ya can still call me 2-Tone tho. Check back up tomorrow for a new song.
Oh! and I'm on my interactive shit.

BTW "Brick Set: Friendship Weed and Rap" short documentary has just been officially announced. Brick Set Mixtape still to release New Years and My mixtape will be out this weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Track!. Freestyle Session Pt. 1

With Boom Boom Pow and I Can Transform Ya beat. A little pop feel to some of my lyrics. Freestyle Pt. 2 will be with harder hip hop beats. On the upcomin' mixtape.

Freestyle Session 1.mp3 - 2-Tone
Make sure to hear the whole thing and not just the preview

Friday, October 23, 2009

Brick Set Freestyle

I kinda got camera shy when I went in. Mujavi Ali does what he does best here by going into freestyle mode. Jerzee Joe and Ronthedon show that they are not only G's but beast rappers as well. Check out BIGKEEFSMALLWORLD.com for a bunch of hot shit.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

BB King NY Concert was unreal

Got to see a lot of upcoming artists perform (Much love and respect to all of em)Got to see some of my favorite artists including Currensy and Wiz, Kid Cudi, Jada and Styles rocked the show, and Raekwon did his thing even with a soar throat. Best of all got to shake hands with these artists thats how close I was up even though the big girl kept fuckin getting up on me and even Styles had to tell the bitch to back off when he gave her a sweaty ass towel to stop sweatin him. Her drunk ass rubbed that nasty towel on her face. Well anyways great nigh lovely enviroment everyone was shring blunts even with the aurdience. No fights all love for real hip op. OJ da Juiceman was booed and that was expected especially with the type of crowd that was there who is not too fond of that type of southern music but I couldn't boo the dude because he doing his thing. Much love to all the Brick Set supporters we gained at the concert. We were spittin for cameras and with other cool dudes that were feeling it. Shit was dope. Now about to record because damn that's what I been had to do. Hopefully I can push through cuz I'm sick today just feeling a little better now. Aww poor me right. (BTW this post will be edited with a link of pics and videos taken by Jerzee Joe who was rappin with Currensy straring at him with big popped out high ass eyes lol)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taking Brick Set to the Next Level.

Now that I devolped some studio experience and I am reaching towards the completion of my first mixtape I decided to do something new. I called for a Brick Set meeting where Ronthedon, Mujavi Ali, G.I. Joe, and myself talked about some production. We are working a plan to become known, and make some good quality music. It will be our first production not done in a home studio. We are trying to build some unification and dedication to get it all done. We will be working with the Young Money beat Bed Rock and show what we can do with it to start it all off. Brick Set mang.. Friday Night Tracks From The Starting From Scratch Mixtape are going up. Mix Tape cover was finalized, just gotta print it all out.

PS. Looking for a good producer that makes original beats
Looking for a singer as well to hop on a track or 2. (Male or Female)
I am also interested in purchasing studio equipment so I can learn to do
some hard work

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some More Progress

This is just the mixtape cover I'm workin with for now. Prolly have about 3 different covers. Here's the unfinished 1st mixtape cover preview. Shout Out to Gorden!

2-Tone Mixtape Cover

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some Music

Sweet Dreams freestyle Just a lil experimental thing.

Sweet Dreams Freestyle - 2-Tone

Dis Morning Freestyle with Ronthedon. Low quality but our personal classic.

Dis Morning Freestyle - 2-Tone and RonTheDon

Flame it. Another low quality joint but a fan favorite. FT. RonTheDon and Jerzee Joe

Flame It - Brick Set

Future music is gonna be the tough shit ;) thanks for the listen!

BTW yea I met Kanye too. ;)

Met kanye

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

been a while..

"Put a knife to me and I'll shake a spear like to be or not to be"

Check it. I've been recording. Friends enjoying my shit. I wish the quality was better. Im just trying to make my lyrics secure so if anyone tries to steal them I wont have to fuck them up lol. LIFE IS CRAZY! My car was smashed in by a construction vehicle and lots of shit going on. Here's my final post until I put up the mixtape Cover, the back cover and a preview of some music. And I do Have a deadline which is before October 1st because I will be going to California to promote my mixtape and obviously I'm going to need to have it done. Puerto Rican from Newark that has dreadlocks will be doing it big lol. Miami visit is in October so my mixtapes will be going out there. Check out these pics of my tats. This is a way for my future fans to know me a little bit without even talking lol. I'm dreaming to big arent I.


RIP ALL MY FALLEN ANGELS... for everyone I miss and will miss. For the hood. Brick wall, roses, candels. Gully but beautiful.


Everyone is a sinner.


My first tat a cross. "1G" 1 God. "2T" 2-Tone and as dumb as it may sound. I put a Weezy Quote. "Fear God Not Them" .. simple and cool.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gained Wisdom


This is Brick Set outside of The Hot Spot in the Ironbound area of Newark. (Irvin Legend, Mujavi Ali, Ron The Don, Jerzee Joe, and yaa boy 2-Tone)

This weekend was insane! It started with my wisdom teeth getting pulled out and me waking up in a random room with a numb mouth. My mom comes up to me telling me No smoking, No eating, No this and that. And I just ask her for marijuanna. Why? I was so drugged up for about an hour I was talking reckless to everyone. But then as soon as the bleeding stopped I got back on point and was ready to be out. Went shopping, then went out with BrickSet. Shit was dope. Next day I tuned up alot of my car by myself with the help of my Uncle and Father of course. Learned A lot. I wasn't letting the surgery get to me. I was a go getter! Cleaned my car washed clothes fixed a lot of shit. Nothing is stopping me at persuing my dream of washing stuff!.... lol Next day worked then seen my girl spent the night with her. I didnt see her in a minute so it was a banging way to end the weekend. MORAL of the story is nothing is stopping me from LIVING, LEARNING, WORKING, and SHARING. Next weekend is recording time! The Myspace Page will be up this weekend as well. Right now I have to go to Rutgers to print out raps to mail them to myself. a lil thing called poorman's copyright. Peace and thanks for visiting. MUSIC IS GOING TO BE UP AND UPDATED CONSTANTLY STARTING JULY 31st, 2009!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not my Best Looking Pics but with some of my favorite people

Seeing Travie in a diner by my house after the I AM MUSIC TOUR starring Lil' Wayne concert my girlfriend Claudia took me to. After seeing this dude it just made me want to push harder to become a successful artist. I wish I can do half the things this guy did as a person and artist. I wish I can meet him again and just have a long cool conversation. Do I really have to put "no homo"? lol

Wit Travie

Work is fun when you get to meet Young Money's Tyga. How crazy is that to meet Travie's cousin out of all people. Listen to Tyga's music. It's different and chill. I can't wait to hit the studio next week =] In this pic is Jersey Joe to the far right.

With Tyga

Well Tomorrow my wisdom teeth are coming off.
Myspace Music Page is coming real soon so everyone can view pics music and get my song lyrics.
Look out for Brick Set's page coming soon as hell. By soon I mean this week.

A lot to make me satisfied

Money and being busy is a real important thing especially for one from the ghetto. Get to keep out off the streets and bring cash to the house. A job at Newark Airport escorting unaccompanied minors is the perfect job for me. I get to see if I'm good with kids since I do want to be a teacher. I get to meet or see celebs such as Tyga, Yao Ming, Igalaskis, Brandon Jacobs, and more to come. And to be honest with you the kids love me. After just 10 minutes of being with them they beg me to go on the flight with them because they think I'm that cool. I wish I could be able to fly with some of these funny adorable kids but there is a lot to do at home.I'm working to improve my Acura Integra, get college books, pay bills, get my swag up, build a recording studio, and chill. It is a slow process getting all this done but I know the hard work will pay off. At least at work I get to focus on my rhymes and flow during my spare time. So by the time the studio is made ill be ready and won't be having to record poor quality songs because of a slow computer and Rock Band video game mic.I'm not only working for things that cost money. I'm also focusing on my body. Hitting the gym every night that I can to have a strong nice body and hopefully be able to dunk soon. I'm 5' 8" getting bout 3 inches about regulation. Maybe 3 more inches bunnies can help out.There is many obstacles such as having to make people happy. Getting wisdom teeth taken out soon. Car repairs. Stupid banks and etc. Ill push through it.

My Introduction

Sup people. My name is 2-Tone. I'm a college kid (Rutgers Newark Major: education) from Newark, NJ that wants to feel important so I'm starting this blog. I'm an inspiring hip hop artist that just wants to live, help, laugh, and share. You will find a little more about me as I take you through my ordinary, yet different life that I have. I will post videos that are worth sharing such as future tattoos of mines and friends, rapping, and special times that no one would believe that was possible. I'm in a rap crew called Brick Set. (Brick City) You will encounter members Ron The Don, Jersey Joe, Mujavi Ali, and Irvin Legend. You will also get a slight taste of my relationship with my girlfriend of 9 months named Claudia. Basically I just want to be remembered in some weird way besides being a Puerto Rican with dreadlocks. I also want people to get to know the real me. Some people see a ghetto kid from Newark that might be dealing drugs, or as an ignorant person with no intellect. Those assumptions are wrong. But I can't get mad at you for thinking the usual. Welcome to my life. A crazy, kind hearted, caring, outgoing, social, easily annoyed, easily forgiving, sometimes rowdy but mostly laid back dude is who you will see.