Friday, December 1, 2017

bc2tone X DJ Jayhood NJ Club Mix


Two months ago I decided to link up with DJ Jayhood to remix my track, "Pour Me My Drank" to collaborate on some real Jersey stuff. 2 months later the song has 3K hits and over 100 likes. Check it out. This is unlike anything that I have ever done in the recent years. Have some fun with it.

I have new music on the way; slowly, but surely. Somebody has to put on for "the real". I am also exploring different music styles. Until then, I'll be living my random life experiences, working to support the family and the next generation, while cooking up some music when have the chance.

2 New Music Videos Directed by Me... And Studio Update

Here are my two latest video pieces. I also made another video for Champsosmooth, a video I feel is one of my better pieces, but it is NSFW. You can see it on his channel. The video is titled "ChampSoSmooth -Flight".

Recording studio has been going great. I recently did a podcasts with 3 new jersey rap artists. The video for that one will be out soon.

Shot in June, 2017 with Panasonic Lumix. Shot and edited by me.

Shot an edited with my new Canon T7i

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New video and building a studio

Here is a new video with the artists Bittlez, formally known as Bittles and Elaganza. "Brick City".
I directed, shot, and edited this. Disclaimer: Props were used for this video. Bittlez will feature this track in his upcoming album dropping on August 11th. In other news, I am building a recording studio right now. Expect some experimental stuff.

Shot with a Panasonic Lumix camera and features a shot with a Bebop Parrot Drone.

- @bc2tone
  @bc2tone_filmandphotography on IG.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Goody - Kitchen Sink

Man, the story for what happened while shooting this video is crazy. Ended up in a random NYC apartment of a person who was a big time stock holder for Microsoft who let us shoot on his rooftop. We showed him what 2 regular people from Newark and Bloomfield have to offer. We learned a lot about how stuff goes down for the fortunate people of NYC. The story gets interesting, but I'll leave that for bar conversation if we ever meet in person. How do you want the story to end?

Shot and edited by bc2tone

Photos from IG: @bc2tone

Wednesday, January 25, 2017