Monday, July 13, 2009

Gained Wisdom


This is Brick Set outside of The Hot Spot in the Ironbound area of Newark. (Irvin Legend, Mujavi Ali, Ron The Don, Jerzee Joe, and yaa boy 2-Tone)

This weekend was insane! It started with my wisdom teeth getting pulled out and me waking up in a random room with a numb mouth. My mom comes up to me telling me No smoking, No eating, No this and that. And I just ask her for marijuanna. Why? I was so drugged up for about an hour I was talking reckless to everyone. But then as soon as the bleeding stopped I got back on point and was ready to be out. Went shopping, then went out with BrickSet. Shit was dope. Next day I tuned up alot of my car by myself with the help of my Uncle and Father of course. Learned A lot. I wasn't letting the surgery get to me. I was a go getter! Cleaned my car washed clothes fixed a lot of shit. Nothing is stopping me at persuing my dream of washing stuff!.... lol Next day worked then seen my girl spent the night with her. I didnt see her in a minute so it was a banging way to end the weekend. MORAL of the story is nothing is stopping me from LIVING, LEARNING, WORKING, and SHARING. Next weekend is recording time! The Myspace Page will be up this weekend as well. Right now I have to go to Rutgers to print out raps to mail them to myself. a lil thing called poorman's copyright. Peace and thanks for visiting. MUSIC IS GOING TO BE UP AND UPDATED CONSTANTLY STARTING JULY 31st, 2009!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not my Best Looking Pics but with some of my favorite people

Seeing Travie in a diner by my house after the I AM MUSIC TOUR starring Lil' Wayne concert my girlfriend Claudia took me to. After seeing this dude it just made me want to push harder to become a successful artist. I wish I can do half the things this guy did as a person and artist. I wish I can meet him again and just have a long cool conversation. Do I really have to put "no homo"? lol

Wit Travie

Work is fun when you get to meet Young Money's Tyga. How crazy is that to meet Travie's cousin out of all people. Listen to Tyga's music. It's different and chill. I can't wait to hit the studio next week =] In this pic is Jersey Joe to the far right.

With Tyga

Well Tomorrow my wisdom teeth are coming off.
Myspace Music Page is coming real soon so everyone can view pics music and get my song lyrics.
Look out for Brick Set's page coming soon as hell. By soon I mean this week.

A lot to make me satisfied

Money and being busy is a real important thing especially for one from the ghetto. Get to keep out off the streets and bring cash to the house. A job at Newark Airport escorting unaccompanied minors is the perfect job for me. I get to see if I'm good with kids since I do want to be a teacher. I get to meet or see celebs such as Tyga, Yao Ming, Igalaskis, Brandon Jacobs, and more to come. And to be honest with you the kids love me. After just 10 minutes of being with them they beg me to go on the flight with them because they think I'm that cool. I wish I could be able to fly with some of these funny adorable kids but there is a lot to do at home.I'm working to improve my Acura Integra, get college books, pay bills, get my swag up, build a recording studio, and chill. It is a slow process getting all this done but I know the hard work will pay off. At least at work I get to focus on my rhymes and flow during my spare time. So by the time the studio is made ill be ready and won't be having to record poor quality songs because of a slow computer and Rock Band video game mic.I'm not only working for things that cost money. I'm also focusing on my body. Hitting the gym every night that I can to have a strong nice body and hopefully be able to dunk soon. I'm 5' 8" getting bout 3 inches about regulation. Maybe 3 more inches bunnies can help out.There is many obstacles such as having to make people happy. Getting wisdom teeth taken out soon. Car repairs. Stupid banks and etc. Ill push through it.

My Introduction

Sup people. My name is 2-Tone. I'm a college kid (Rutgers Newark Major: education) from Newark, NJ that wants to feel important so I'm starting this blog. I'm an inspiring hip hop artist that just wants to live, help, laugh, and share. You will find a little more about me as I take you through my ordinary, yet different life that I have. I will post videos that are worth sharing such as future tattoos of mines and friends, rapping, and special times that no one would believe that was possible. I'm in a rap crew called Brick Set. (Brick City) You will encounter members Ron The Don, Jersey Joe, Mujavi Ali, and Irvin Legend. You will also get a slight taste of my relationship with my girlfriend of 9 months named Claudia. Basically I just want to be remembered in some weird way besides being a Puerto Rican with dreadlocks. I also want people to get to know the real me. Some people see a ghetto kid from Newark that might be dealing drugs, or as an ignorant person with no intellect. Those assumptions are wrong. But I can't get mad at you for thinking the usual. Welcome to my life. A crazy, kind hearted, caring, outgoing, social, easily annoyed, easily forgiving, sometimes rowdy but mostly laid back dude is who you will see.