Monday, June 27, 2011


I just started a contest page. The contest will now permanently be at the top of this page under "My Contests"

Hopefully this will be a fun way for us to network and all become winners! haha.

I also just started a Reverb Nation If I don't like how that goes I will forfeit it just like the Tumblr I never managed to figure out.

Check it all out. Peace.

PS: If you are in the Jersey area and will like to be in a music video email

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kenneth Faried from Newark, NJ to the NBA

What is a better story? Kenneth Faried played for Newark, New Jersey's Technology High School and had the opportunity of a lifetime to play for a division 1 team in the NCAA. During his fourth year at Morehead he broke Rebounding records beyond beliefs and was 1 shy away from tying Tim [boring] Duncan's double double record in the NCAA. His defensive stop at the end of the game against Louisville in the recent NCAA tournament is what sealed the win and landed them to make it to a further round. He is a humble, high class, high flying player and person!

On June 23rd in NEWARK, NJ!!! Prudential Center!!! Kenneth Faried was chosen as a 1st round pick to play for the Denver Nuggets. Teachers from our high school were cheering him on with signs that showed a great amount of support for the young man. I am pleased to say I have watched him develop as a person and a ball player. Since high school he was always a hard worker on the court. Off the court he always valued respect, had a sense of humor, and brought a positive environment to where ever he was at.

From playing NBA Live on PSP in lunchtime, to going to Nets games and seeing you get excited as fan of the NBA. To seeing you at the airport coming back from college with your bookbag that had a 35 on the back. I want to say congrats, it was well deserved. Good luck with everything! God Bless you!

Newark, NJ! Brick City all day!

PS Kenneth Faried Remix song Upgraded Video coming next week

And Shout out to ESPN for putting this video on the Youtube Draft Class List : The Article

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brick City Triple Feature Video

The visuals show my history.. Technology High School, Rafael Hernandez ES, City Sounds (My fathers old music shop), friends & family as well as so many other things. All about positivity. Let's go. You should all be looking forward to hearing new full songs and official videos.