Thursday, October 28, 2010

Newark, NJ on the rise.

Watching the game opener for NJ Nets at Prudential Center.. well on th YES network allowed me to see that Newark is on the move to have a positive reputation. Newark will be hosting the 2011 NBA Draft. This is big news for the city I live and grew up in. I'm just hoping they don't wipe out all the poor people because this city is going to become an attraction city in years to come.

Overall, I love my city. A lot of stuff I hate too, but it made me who I am. I feel like I am a strong person because of pushing through the struggles and refusing to becoming a statistic. From the time of the Newark riots in 1967 to now a lot of progress has been made. I just think we need to have our good stores back like Macy's and Bamberger's. My mom said those were the days...

Newark also has a lot of talent. A lot of artistic people in this city. Hopefully they'll get the exposure they deserve.


Peace. I <3 Newark.

Stop Violence
Stop Stereo Type Profiling

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Class time.

I'm living to help positively shape the minds of kids. Everyday I am mentoring kids on the block and I have seen a lot of good progress.

Lessons learned for future shows:
1. have the beat on loud enough to feel bass and get energy
2. Make sure you are able to hear your adlibs
3. Don't get nervous. Even if it is not your typical element
4. Engrave the lyrics to your soul for no slippage

of course.. this one had to be subtle for a classroom lol

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have a dream to truly be free... To have nothing to hold me back. To not be stuck in this environment. To not be stuck in a stand still. To see new things. Make new things. And finally be happy.

[I am especially tired of dumb local detectives asking me silly questions and having a poor portrayal of who I am. It felt so good to show them my college university ID. Hopefully they can stop harassing me. I live in the hood, isn't that bad enough? Let me live. Urban clothes, long hair, baby face, and I look like I am taking care of myself. Is that a reason to bother me? I get bothered less in the suburbs now, that's sad. And no I am not cutting my hair. Guess they are all mad because I am already at a higher level of education then them and I confidence everywhere I go. Guess they are a little threatened by how free I try to live.]

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Speech recited at end of song

I can see emotion but I can't feel it
I am probably a robot made to detect who is the realest
What is the purpose to be on this Earth? and is everything an illusion?
Was everything setup to be this way to bring everyone to no conclusion?
Are we in relationships to feel like we are something special?
When were just a number in this world, man it's all a mess yo
Do we have have kids to continue a legacy that doesn't exist?
Just to make us think we last forever but really wash away in mist
As I see her cry when I tell her this
I comfort her because I was programmed to know how a feeling is
This is not a good way to think and this is called depression
I overcame that nonsense. Love can teach you a lesson

[Prisoner of my Mind: But I found you]

Monday, October 4, 2010

Now who would I wanna work with. New School.

Charles Hamilton - Has his own sound and is really one with his music. Great producer. Great story to his identity. Listen to the album "This Perfect Life"

Kid Cudi - His flow, arrogance and subject matter go hand in hand to create something that can be called "Dat New New"

Curren$y - He eats tracks in a indescribable but vicious way. Cool guy. Dope Style.

Wiz Khalifa - Great for hooks and making a feel good song about some fun subject matters.

Asher Roth - Dude is cool, smart, and starting a revolution. Don't sleep on him.

Jay Electronica - A sound that Nas even wanted. Let this man tell a story and eat a track up and make it look easy. He'll leave you thinking.

Yelawolf - Alabama crazy style. Flow is dope and is with that new school.

J. Cole - A chick could learn a lot about an intelligent dude from the hood from this guy.

Nipsey Hu$$le - Keeps it real. Smooth snoop type flow and you can see he has a lot of respect for people and all types of rappers.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

TAOT possible track list.

Track list?

1. Intro Freestyle
2. Cloud Surfing 2 [Ft. RonTheDon]
3. I am Tarzan
4. Feeling it [ft. Javy Mcfly and Jose]
5. @tweet2tone skit
6. Picture with my Eyes Closed
7. Prisoner of my Mind
8. I'm not done Yet
9. East Coast Connection [Ft. G Talk]
10. It
11. The Cycle
12. Sunshine
13. Mixed Freestyles [3 beats]
14. Cell
15. The Brain [Bonus Track]
16. Cloud Surfing 1 [Bonus Track]

The Power of Art.

If I get judged for my songs subject matter in the future that would be foolish. I am just developing a common ground with the audience so then I can change the world after I have an army of supporters.