Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some Music

Sweet Dreams freestyle Just a lil experimental thing.

Sweet Dreams Freestyle - 2-Tone

Dis Morning Freestyle with Ronthedon. Low quality but our personal classic.

Dis Morning Freestyle - 2-Tone and RonTheDon

Flame it. Another low quality joint but a fan favorite. FT. RonTheDon and Jerzee Joe

Flame It - Brick Set

Future music is gonna be the tough shit ;) thanks for the listen!

BTW yea I met Kanye too. ;)

Met kanye

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

been a while..

"Put a knife to me and I'll shake a spear like to be or not to be"

Check it. I've been recording. Friends enjoying my shit. I wish the quality was better. Im just trying to make my lyrics secure so if anyone tries to steal them I wont have to fuck them up lol. LIFE IS CRAZY! My car was smashed in by a construction vehicle and lots of shit going on. Here's my final post until I put up the mixtape Cover, the back cover and a preview of some music. And I do Have a deadline which is before October 1st because I will be going to California to promote my mixtape and obviously I'm going to need to have it done. Puerto Rican from Newark that has dreadlocks will be doing it big lol. Miami visit is in October so my mixtapes will be going out there. Check out these pics of my tats. This is a way for my future fans to know me a little bit without even talking lol. I'm dreaming to big arent I.


RIP ALL MY FALLEN ANGELS... for everyone I miss and will miss. For the hood. Brick wall, roses, candels. Gully but beautiful.


Everyone is a sinner.


My first tat a cross. "1G" 1 God. "2T" 2-Tone and as dumb as it may sound. I put a Weezy Quote. "Fear God Not Them" .. simple and cool.