Friday, January 28, 2011

Track List with brief descriptions (Rough Order)

1. Intro: an intense beat, wicked flow displaying relentlessness as an artist.

2. Cloud Surfing 2 Ft. Ronthedon: This song can be the anti-drug for you. Very space like. Real Life content, as well as subconcious thoughts.

3. My Life is Dream: Slow paced, track is given some breathing. A way to slow you down and put you at a meditated mindset.

4. Play the Orginal (Taxi Freestyle): Talks about a lot with the city and life in general. Different flow from anything I have ever done in the pass.

5. Kenneth Faried: Song is placed in the first person view of college ball player Kenneth Faried. It honors him as an athlete and is straight metaphors. Slow tempo.

6. East Coast Connection Ft. G- Talk: Quick verses from me and my dude from Elizabeth. Putting on for Jersey.

7. Feeling it Ft. Javy Mcfly and Jose: Track is over Jay-Z's Feeling it. Basically spitting what we feel or felt at the time.

8. Then I found you: An intense song with hook. Places you in another world. Great effects and speaks a lot about the mind and obstacles in the setting of the jungle.

9. I'm not done yet: Speaks about why I am the artist I am and I do not like to boast about material. It was a real freestyle for some portions of it.

10. Freestyle Sessions: 3 beats. Random freestyles done in the studio messing around.

11. Bipolar Sunshine: Up and Downs of a relationship. However, she is still the sunshine that makes me happy but also can blind me, or make me see.

There will be 3 skits on the tape. A couple other tracks may or may not make the cut. If they do not, they'll be on the bonus mixtape with old unreleased tracks. Total possible tracks including skits is 15- 17.

The tape will be sponsored by and will be a free download open to everyone. The bonus mixtape is only open for download to Datpiff members, but it is free to join! So show some support! Download the tape. If you like artists like Asher Roth and Kid Cudi then it will be a good add for your iPod.

It was a mission getting this tape done. Went through a lot of nonsense. Met a lot of shady people. Learned a lot. It was an adventure within itself. Thank you all.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Old Song. New Video

Official Link CLICK HERE

Woke up early in the morning, still dark out. Shot this in freezing temperatures. It was fun to get a little creative, have artistic visions and place my intro track into the visual form. Shout out to my dudes Jose and Ernesto for helping it get going. Jose on all of the editing finding of locations and directing of most of the video. It was mostly freestyled without much plan and came out dope because of Eternal Circle (Jose/Ernesto) hooking it all up. Nasty. Thanks. Enjoy. 1st video done with dope quality. Expect more. Hit up the FB or Twitter for any questions about the video.. Bricksssset out.

[Spread love, knowledge, and art]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A look back at the first mixtape

Sometimes I am proud of it. Sometimes I feel like it could of been better. I shouldn't sweat it though because I guess it is just motivation and a part of being an artist. The most disappointing part of some songs for me are the overdubbing issues that I ignored when first recording it. I guess we learn from experience. Hey, it was "just practice" anyways.

Mixtape is still good for being an amateur tape without much help getting done.
I give it a 7 out of 10. Showed a great amount of potential. Concepts for songs were cool. 1 or 2 tracks had technical downfalls but not enough to make it take away from the good of it.

If I were a listener that did not know me at all I would look forward to hearing what more can I offer and if I can polish up some stuff and develop as an artist. Therefore I have to do it right for the next tape "The Adventures of Tarzan". This is the reason I have held it back for so long. Gotta make it great.

Overall, I am still proud of my creativity and dedication to this music thing.
Now let's keep at it.

Oh and Cloud Surfing puts me in a different world. My favorite track on the tape..Didn't even record it in a studio.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Never Stop

Sometimes life is going to hit you with nonsense.
Keep it moving. Do what you can to fix it.
Do not stop for anything. Try to be happy.
Then you will be happy.