Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Personal Update + More

Got my Poland Spring Bottle case. Gatorade Case. Cranberry Juice. Milk. Protein Powder. Got the eggs in the fridge. lol I am focused. Tryna get into better shape. Giving up bad habbits. I wanna dunk an NBA size ball already. Hard Work. Got the bench bar, curl bar, dumb bells... getting to work. Oh, and I'm playin' ball in the regular. I just started 2 days ago and I'm feeling better already. Gotta stay dedicated.

Man, my iguana been acting up I fixed that dude up some good meals and just gave him and his tank a crazy ass clean. That iguana is family and I gotta be a good caretaker. Love that little green dude.

School is good =) Money Straight =) My body is better =) C_laudia still sexy =)

Missing the Life on Clouds, but my mind has already evolved too much so it's all good

"Better Than Ya'll" will be the next post during the day. It will be available at http://bc2tonedownload.blogspot.com

Have any of you ever been to hotnewhiphop.com? Well guess what? I got tracks there too! http://preview.hotnewhiphop.com/bc2tone click find all bc-2tone's songs

PS. Pay Attention to details, analyze, observe! Don't let something as simple a grocery product or as complex as a math problem decieve you!

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