Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Therapy. Different.

Hittin the lab. Next is something more for your taste WHAT AM I SAYING this is FIRE lol but next time... a love song or a sex song. Whatever everyone calls it these days. lol I remember Queen Latifah saying that back in the day I forgot where.. I was like 6 years old. Remember that but I can't remember that I turned a shower on and then think my mom is inside. lol

PS. Thanks for the support from those who repost my videos and etc. Just know that when it comes to a song it comes from the heart. Everything that is put in a song has personal meaning and man.. the music making process for me is crazy! When someone interviews me which wont be for a while your gonna be like damn! when I answer the question of what my music making process is. Pce.

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