Friday, January 22, 2010

Wow the things that makes us say stuff is crazy + News + Thank You

I was writing a rap to a KRS one beat and there are random words being shouted in the background. As I am writing I am just focusing on writing and flowing to the beat. I play back the beat and the words or adlibs being shouted within the beat are the certain words I am writing. Sick! I just thought it's crazy how our subconcious mind works. It is 5:27 AM and I am already working on writing and recording. ADDICTED. Then I got real work at the school library at noon. Ugh..

Some News: finally sent me an email. I was "noticed" so that's what's up.! Hard work that I put in for Recording and promotions are paying off.

Cory Booker said in regards to my work efforts in school and music on twitter that he is "proud and grateful". Pretty dope to hear those words from a mayor.

Music has been recorded and I am working on making the Download Links and Youtube Videos so they will be posted shortly.

CONTACT ME! VIA email if you are an artist from the Jersey area that is interested in working with me. I am working on a a project that will involve a lot of features!

--Special Thanks!

I want to thank everyone including family, friends, girlfriend, fans, and others for their support! Shout out to Brick Set.

It really feels good to get possitive feedback because I dedicate a lot of time and hard work into everything that I do!

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