Monday, February 1, 2010

Up and Coming Rapper Tips .. BC 2-Tone!! lol

Some people use controversy to get known, as for myself I want to get known for talent. Controversy will come regardless if I get big so I do not want to feed it.

Some people do not understand rap or they just look for any little thing to judge you.
Therefore I am giving all upcoming rappers a tip on some words to never say in a song or at least not until you believe you can get away with anything or just don't care anymore. Remember people take a lot of things into offense!

1. Do not overuse the use of murder, and violence (and remember its not cool to claim something that is false.

2. The use of Bitch or Hoe or disrespecting females should be limited or eliminated.

3. Just don't say gay or fag. (There is even a south park episode about it season 13)

Other tips

- Don't dis for no reason! and don't get mad and let it show too much in a song
- Leave some things to the imagination. (Do not be TOO literal)
- Don't be afraid to be different in anyway
- Be yourself! and your personality will shine
- If you sound too much like a famous rapper. Change up...
- .. It's okay to have influences!
- Remember being different is not easy CONSIDERING everyone is trying to be different

PS: My Mixtape will be available Feb 26, 2009. Most of the Leaks on will be deleted Feb 4th So grab them now!

BC 2-tone outtt

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