Sunday, November 4, 2012


No lights, sound of generators, trees down, people scheming, T.Vs on porches for people to watch, poles down, candles, board games, lots of smoke, community, Sirens, more sirens, red containers, lines, broken internet, gas stoves, confusion, no school, no work, no money, car chargers, family, cops pointing directions, praying for light, more trees down, windows popped, signs down, hoses, floods, yu-gi oh, holding hands, still no lights, 4 way stops, and zombies. My encounter with Sandy

Romantic Tragedy

It's 1984 in 2012

So does that mean the world is watching me go through Hell?

I'm a leave them with a hunchback cuz my name rings bells

But I'm a bring a good mood like them home cooked meals

Still leave the world shocked, like broken springs and wheels

And I rep my home state, like Lauryn Hill

And I'm tired of these people talking about poppin' pills

Cuz that can leave you fucked... up, popped and killed

I'm a spokesperson for life so I like to chill

I'm a crazy ass dude but I'm also real

I think I'm pretty sane being in this battlefield

But let's paint a pretty a picture and make it tranquil

Mixing all my colors as she lays still..

.. Similar to the scene in Titanic

And if I fall down with her, I know to won't panic...

Cuz we made a romance out of something so tragic


[Beat used : Blackmill - Evil Beauty]