Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brick Set Documentary Postponed.. for a very long time.

Group is going through a lot. A lot of personal things that I cannot discuss to the public. Nothing life threatening tho so for those that do care please don't worry. So instead of posting the funny ass Brick Set documentary January 18th I will be posting a short compilation of my life. Still gonna be great since.. well it's about about me! sike... I really wish I can make the original project but sadly nothing is made easy. Man a freakin lot I need to get done before this semester starts. Was supose to post a song for jan 5th but was too busy. Posting 2 songs later on January 6th. So check back. Brickss..

PS: anyone looking to do music and cannot find the right person (s) to work with or if any advice is need you can email me at bc2tone973@yahoo.com. I am looking to help people with potential and talent because it'll only make the both of us better. Working together is important. Unite.

---make a wish for everyone.

Last twitter post..

"Now I'm starting to understand Kanye West as a person and even @wale .. I hate that I care. Hate that I am aware."

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