Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why I love Twitter + Mixtape News

Dude Has a Million followers. He sees thousands of people a week. He's backing me up! and he remembered me. One of my favorite personalities. Travis Mccoy of GCH.
He's another one with a Million followers. The mayor of my city. Cory Booker is showing his respect for my drive to become a teacher and as an artist. Whether he has people posts his tweets or not I think this is great!

Mixtape Name Change. Was "Startin From Scratch" Now it is "Just Practice: Starting From Scratch" entirely new cover and playlist then previously shown. Availble in hard copy and d/l late Feb. 2010. Email bc2tone973@yahoo.com for a free copy.

PS. ... Don't feel neglected. Don't feel worthless. I am here.

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