Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Lyrics preview

Should I hit em with the punchlines wordplay stories
Hit them with the conscious shit people say that its boring
fine let me talk about how the money is pouring
Lie to the audience say that the guns are storing
How I rock shoes and only if they Jordan
Rock a big a big a chain just to go to the store then
have like 10 bitches and I'm swimming in their organs
Never gonna wife them. never hear the organ.. play
Push like a kilo day
Shoot a hero today
Be the villain tomorrow
Average hip hop life man I see that sorrow
Brick City is the Jungle and life is never borrowed

Lyrics Preview for Mixtape..

I'm in the bricks like a car with wheels stolen
My boy in the pin he struck out no bowling
That's me on your screen and that shit is frozen
You don't want a shit a face then don't stick your nose in
Explosion with the motion like Wii controling
I pray on my trees so I'm smoking all the souls in
Forever living like my nigga Gary Coleman
Switching up the flow cuz I'm not an old man
Not afraid of change. Unless it's falling from the sky about to hit my head
The Rap game needs a shape up and im Edward Scissors hands
IM spitting my bullets and my shit go blam
If Im your son then I am son of Sam
You are pushing on the cart and I and I am giving you a can
your crossing the street your holding on my hand
Your girl tweet about me now you hating on my jam
It's like you speak another language I dont comprehend
How people dont understand common sense
I'm on my lazy ass flow cuz I been a lil too tense
I been rapping since 9 in a lil ass tent
Watching mtv had my mind bent
My momma thought I was crazy and I probably am
Cuz i was writing words while kids were playing with crayons
I've always been respectful but Imma bout to jam
Analyze my lyrics and I'll have me a fan
Your judgment could be wrong but that's a part of the plan
I don't trust much people cuz they turn like a fan
Giving gifts to prove a message
posted shit online but for you to get the message
I say the same word twice cuz I don't know where I'm headed
This beat is my L and I'mma go and dead it
People in jealousy and it's so fucking pathetic
I'm growing up in life without getting taller
I'm not heading the same route. I'm in a helicopter
You in a traffic jam stuck with busienss men cops and doctors
And they a lil shady
Just like the subject matter niggas is rapping like ladies
Im walking down the block I cross her eye Mcgrady
Yall snack wraps getting sold for a dollar
Super Size me im fat like an oprah..
but I do not sing.
ooh laa laa do rae me
You could rate me as the worse
Until someone says he spit a hot verse
changing your mind
Your word is your bond but I'll let you rewind
Easily influenced dudes are an easy target
Bout to burn a cd heading to target
Eat at a diner knowing that im the hardest
Low confidence shouts arrogance screams
cool calm collective and I am still making a scene
My dude told me 70 percent of communication is for manipulation
Heard my verse were you manipulated?

Friday, August 6, 2010

bc 2-tone says October

bc 2-tone bc2tone
Cover will be similar to this

Promo Cover Oct. 31 release.

bc 2-tone ronthedon
Me and Ronthedon

with Javy and Jose

"Cloud Surfing" is on Sound Cloud now soundcloud.com/bc2tone
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