Monday, December 7, 2009

I am different. I know it.

Standing on Market St. in front of a check cash place I just watch how people are. The young are living reckless. TThe old guys are doing anything to have a conversation with a yound lady, whether its giving them a free newspaper or asking about their kids. I see how wild some people act and how out of towners have an uncomfortable look in their face when they are walking to the prudential building. I am standing. One dude comes up to me and asks where the weed at? I say Idk check up the block. What I was thinking is that do I look like a drug dealer? Then a hispanic teenager comes up to me and asks where are the spots to shop? I give him some names and asks where he is from.. Trenton. So I ask myself do I look like I know where to shop. Then I give this bum a quarter before I walk in the check cash and he tells me a long story about how he had dreads. Nice dude. He was like fascinated by me. What I'm saying is that people make a character up for you based on appearance. Also, old people are fun to talk to.

Changing the subject.. Man I am still the class clown man, a better one now tho lol. I am unpredictable I don't even know what I will say in a class. All I know is that professors love it, students love it or hate it, and I just think I am lucky. When I blow up do interviews on my classmates and ask how was it like being in the classroom with 2-Tone. You will laugh your heart out and be in disbelief. I don't want to get into the details about specifics. Just know that Life is fun-ny.

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