Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Father's Music Shop Comes to Closing

It brought tears to my eyes to hear my father tell me he had to close his music shop. Over 20 years of being in business and now because of illegal downloading and bootlegging his honest business became obsoslete. This is sad because of all the history of the store. Started off with RonTheDon's father and my father. The store was robbed when first opened. The next day our crazy fathers stood out with weapons waiting for anyone who was trying to break in again (almost comical lol). Luckily it did not come down to the point where any violence took place but for many years to come my father held the store. RonTheDon's father left out and went to become a truck driver. While my dad was living it up wth success in the early 90's. It was the life with him. No more working a hard job at the airport. He was his own boss. With his own place to relx and chill with friends after closing hours. Throughout this journey my dad became a man. He was betrayed by an employee who he hired. This man who he hired was given all the respect by my dad and this man took advantage and tried to taint my father's name and steal from him and even open a store 2 blocks from my father's location. This is just some of the drama in the history of my father's store. Now as far as the good. This was his life. He is a businessman. A kind man to the neighborhood. CITY SOUNDS. This is the spot where true Puerto Ricans came to as well as other people who embraced the culture. Everyone was welcome. Late night plartying playing instruments people having fun. Too much to even say while typing and it hurts to know that my father's home is going away. He dedicated his life to his store. It was a home for us all. Now my father is accepting that he has to close business. He held off quite longer than expected. Great man. Things will change for the better. He has been straightening up everything in life. Once an alchoholic, now a sober man. That says a lot. He has dedication! Things will get better. For now the memories is what will live. The music will last forever! Music is in my family's blood. Now I need to record a track with some spanish flavor lol.

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