Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brick Set is finally falling into place.

Now what you guys may not know is that things between the crew are a little shady. Some members are not getting along. Some are not putting in as much effort as we'd like. HOWEVER! Now I am going to take initiative to save the crew. I just sent a message to my Brick Set brothers on how we will group up. We got plans! Big Plans! T shirts, fliers, a party, heavy recording in the studio, taking group pics, getting organized, posting MP3's online, and printing hard copy mixtapes. All that will come into works and it will show. Individual, duo, and group mixtapes are going to be finalized by the end of FEBRUARY. That is when everything will change and Brick Set will be known, respected, loved, feared, and hated. BRICK SET you heard it here first.

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