Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bricks are Crumbling. I will pick them up.

What's the point in making a soap oprah of a rap group? We always hit eachother up. I see others hit you up to work as well, and it seems like you are leaving because of one dude. I never chose sides. You want to leave what you helped create, that is like leaving your child. We were just starting to blow up. I was just finishing school and I read some bull shit. I was always there for everyone that needed me. Now someone leaves and taints the name of Brick Set. Just know I will keep pushing and promoting that name because that name is what promotes me, and promotes all of us in the crew. Man it's still Brick Set and I'll carry the name on my back no matter how much the "building weighs".

On other news.
Jerzee Joe and I are still going to California to chill and promote for Brick Set.
Sign up for Ustream to interact with our live shows down there because we want to
still be with our people from Jersey! Check up for more info as to the time were going on.

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