Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not my Best Looking Pics but with some of my favorite people

Seeing Travie in a diner by my house after the I AM MUSIC TOUR starring Lil' Wayne concert my girlfriend Claudia took me to. After seeing this dude it just made me want to push harder to become a successful artist. I wish I can do half the things this guy did as a person and artist. I wish I can meet him again and just have a long cool conversation. Do I really have to put "no homo"? lol

Wit Travie

Work is fun when you get to meet Young Money's Tyga. How crazy is that to meet Travie's cousin out of all people. Listen to Tyga's music. It's different and chill. I can't wait to hit the studio next week =] In this pic is Jersey Joe to the far right.

With Tyga

Well Tomorrow my wisdom teeth are coming off.
Myspace Music Page is coming real soon so everyone can view pics music and get my song lyrics.
Look out for Brick Set's page coming soon as hell. By soon I mean this week.

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