Thursday, July 9, 2009

A lot to make me satisfied

Money and being busy is a real important thing especially for one from the ghetto. Get to keep out off the streets and bring cash to the house. A job at Newark Airport escorting unaccompanied minors is the perfect job for me. I get to see if I'm good with kids since I do want to be a teacher. I get to meet or see celebs such as Tyga, Yao Ming, Igalaskis, Brandon Jacobs, and more to come. And to be honest with you the kids love me. After just 10 minutes of being with them they beg me to go on the flight with them because they think I'm that cool. I wish I could be able to fly with some of these funny adorable kids but there is a lot to do at home.I'm working to improve my Acura Integra, get college books, pay bills, get my swag up, build a recording studio, and chill. It is a slow process getting all this done but I know the hard work will pay off. At least at work I get to focus on my rhymes and flow during my spare time. So by the time the studio is made ill be ready and won't be having to record poor quality songs because of a slow computer and Rock Band video game mic.I'm not only working for things that cost money. I'm also focusing on my body. Hitting the gym every night that I can to have a strong nice body and hopefully be able to dunk soon. I'm 5' 8" getting bout 3 inches about regulation. Maybe 3 more inches bunnies can help out.There is many obstacles such as having to make people happy. Getting wisdom teeth taken out soon. Car repairs. Stupid banks and etc. Ill push through it.

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