Monday, July 13, 2009

Gained Wisdom


This is Brick Set outside of The Hot Spot in the Ironbound area of Newark. (Irvin Legend, Mujavi Ali, Ron The Don, Jerzee Joe, and yaa boy 2-Tone)

This weekend was insane! It started with my wisdom teeth getting pulled out and me waking up in a random room with a numb mouth. My mom comes up to me telling me No smoking, No eating, No this and that. And I just ask her for marijuanna. Why? I was so drugged up for about an hour I was talking reckless to everyone. But then as soon as the bleeding stopped I got back on point and was ready to be out. Went shopping, then went out with BrickSet. Shit was dope. Next day I tuned up alot of my car by myself with the help of my Uncle and Father of course. Learned A lot. I wasn't letting the surgery get to me. I was a go getter! Cleaned my car washed clothes fixed a lot of shit. Nothing is stopping me at persuing my dream of washing stuff!.... lol Next day worked then seen my girl spent the night with her. I didnt see her in a minute so it was a banging way to end the weekend. MORAL of the story is nothing is stopping me from LIVING, LEARNING, WORKING, and SHARING. Next weekend is recording time! The Myspace Page will be up this weekend as well. Right now I have to go to Rutgers to print out raps to mail them to myself. a lil thing called poorman's copyright. Peace and thanks for visiting. MUSIC IS GOING TO BE UP AND UPDATED CONSTANTLY STARTING JULY 31st, 2009!

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