Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Introduction

Sup people. My name is 2-Tone. I'm a college kid (Rutgers Newark Major: education) from Newark, NJ that wants to feel important so I'm starting this blog. I'm an inspiring hip hop artist that just wants to live, help, laugh, and share. You will find a little more about me as I take you through my ordinary, yet different life that I have. I will post videos that are worth sharing such as future tattoos of mines and friends, rapping, and special times that no one would believe that was possible. I'm in a rap crew called Brick Set. (Brick City) You will encounter members Ron The Don, Jersey Joe, Mujavi Ali, and Irvin Legend. You will also get a slight taste of my relationship with my girlfriend of 9 months named Claudia. Basically I just want to be remembered in some weird way besides being a Puerto Rican with dreadlocks. I also want people to get to know the real me. Some people see a ghetto kid from Newark that might be dealing drugs, or as an ignorant person with no intellect. Those assumptions are wrong. But I can't get mad at you for thinking the usual. Welcome to my life. A crazy, kind hearted, caring, outgoing, social, easily annoyed, easily forgiving, sometimes rowdy but mostly laid back dude is who you will see.

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