Thursday, October 14, 2010

Speech recited at end of song

I can see emotion but I can't feel it
I am probably a robot made to detect who is the realest
What is the purpose to be on this Earth? and is everything an illusion?
Was everything setup to be this way to bring everyone to no conclusion?
Are we in relationships to feel like we are something special?
When were just a number in this world, man it's all a mess yo
Do we have have kids to continue a legacy that doesn't exist?
Just to make us think we last forever but really wash away in mist
As I see her cry when I tell her this
I comfort her because I was programmed to know how a feeling is
This is not a good way to think and this is called depression
I overcame that nonsense. Love can teach you a lesson

[Prisoner of my Mind: But I found you]

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