Monday, October 4, 2010

Now who would I wanna work with. New School.

Charles Hamilton - Has his own sound and is really one with his music. Great producer. Great story to his identity. Listen to the album "This Perfect Life"

Kid Cudi - His flow, arrogance and subject matter go hand in hand to create something that can be called "Dat New New"

Curren$y - He eats tracks in a indescribable but vicious way. Cool guy. Dope Style.

Wiz Khalifa - Great for hooks and making a feel good song about some fun subject matters.

Asher Roth - Dude is cool, smart, and starting a revolution. Don't sleep on him.

Jay Electronica - A sound that Nas even wanted. Let this man tell a story and eat a track up and make it look easy. He'll leave you thinking.

Yelawolf - Alabama crazy style. Flow is dope and is with that new school.

J. Cole - A chick could learn a lot about an intelligent dude from the hood from this guy.

Nipsey Hu$$le - Keeps it real. Smooth snoop type flow and you can see he has a lot of respect for people and all types of rappers.

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