Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have a dream to truly be free... To have nothing to hold me back. To not be stuck in this environment. To not be stuck in a stand still. To see new things. Make new things. And finally be happy.

[I am especially tired of dumb local detectives asking me silly questions and having a poor portrayal of who I am. It felt so good to show them my college university ID. Hopefully they can stop harassing me. I live in the hood, isn't that bad enough? Let me live. Urban clothes, long hair, baby face, and I look like I am taking care of myself. Is that a reason to bother me? I get bothered less in the suburbs now, that's sad. And no I am not cutting my hair. Guess they are all mad because I am already at a higher level of education then them and I confidence everywhere I go. Guess they are a little threatened by how free I try to live.]

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