Friday, November 6, 2009

My life Update

Life is pretty stressful just like any life should be at least one two points. I am still recovering from the flu. Been feeling weak and tired lately. School is going pretty good but could be a lot better. I am not recording as much as I want and I am slacking when it comes to releasing my music. A lot more shit in my personal life going on too. I guess I am going through one of my teenage depression stages. I love music but I gotta get school done first so sorry for the slow process. For now I'll just put on my iPod and get these papers done. Don't forget to youtube search Brick Set or bc 2tone. I once again have to thank anyone who has been keeping up with me. I just want to live forever and be known as a person that cared about music, people, friends, family, and responsibility. Check out the vid. I'm expanding my web promos.

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