Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hey people. I feel like life is good and so should you! Make the best out of everything. Cliche maybe but beats being depressed. Anyways this is my second shot at doing this blog. Server timed out and erased everything before so I'mma do things a little bit different this time. Gonna give ya a nice list of things to think about. Quote me if you'd like Hit me up to talk about any of these things if you'd like or w/e. Welcome to 2-Tone's life.

RESPECT is key in life. You go places with it. Get connections, make everyone happy, and feel good about yourself. People that are disrespectful on the regular are setting a trap for themselves. You are limiting the doors that you can open in life. Hence, respect is key.

RELATIONS are very fun in life. However, for those dudes that try to get all the ass possible and take advantage of good girls, please just do the hoes. They are there for you! They'll even play hard to get with you. For those girls that try to get any dick possible, can you please not corrupt a good guys mind. There are those male hoes out there too. A true "pimp" is a man that gets the hardest to get 9s and dime pieces. They try to make a relationship work and do not disrespect the lady. BTW, personality and the way a girl carries herself can make a 7 into a dime. Being a strong woman is sexy. Down to Earth woman sexy.

RELATIONSHIPS: If you are willing to change for that person then you are right for them. If they change for you they are right for you. However, still be yourself because you have to love that person for who they are and vice versa.

IGNORANCE: Everyone can be ignorant or have feelings that do not seem to open minded. If someone wants to state something ignorant can you please be creative with it or have a meaningful purpose. People look so stupid when they place their judgment on other people with no back up or reasoning, as well.

PERSPECTIVE: The world is round. Which means in sense there is no real side. If it were rectangular there would be direct sides. I mean u can say the left side of the earth and many other things but nothing like a rectangle. Think of people as a world. They live in their own world and they live in the whole world. Therefore you have to look at it from someone's angle if you must judgment. Don't just take what you see as the evidence. Look through their angle, their eyes. They are not just a side. They are in a sense a whole different world. We can not look at sides to a world. We pinpoint from angles.

Thanks for reading. be respectful. Push for your dreams. Be Positive

(was not edited and somethings are made to not
make direct sense but you should make sense of it)

BC 2-Tone [Next Post is Music]

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