Monday, November 23, 2009

Can't Sleep so I did a self interview

What it do. Busy weekend. Recording. Fixing tracks up. Posting vids. Doin HW. I am up at for in the morning but really awake like its a normal time. NOT HEALTHY. I am getting skinnier everyday I gotta get back on track man. So i just walked to the gas station got some food. And now I am ready to get on track especially since there is a week off school this week. Much needed break. Gonna go up 10 pounds WORD up. GYM

Here we go.

Name a couple artists that you would love or wish to do a feature with:

Lil' Wayne (legend)
Currensy (Would be a layed back session)
Mike Posner (Fresh Artist. Interesting Songs plus is a singer)
Kid Cudi (Different)
Kanye (I wonder how I would sound working with him)
Travis Mccoy & Gym Class Heroes (Interesting Person/ rock feel)
The Game (Hip Hip man)
Jay-Z (Need I say More)
Jonus Brothers? prolly spelled it wrong. (Get mad fans lmao)

Why do you rap?

I know I have a lot of potential. I want to show what I can do.
I know I can write really well. Punchlines, Stories, Etc.
Tryna' become a good freestylist and show I can work with tracks.
I am getting a lot better. It shows. I love the feeling.
I use my music to speak for me. Hey, just watch my Booker video.
Lastly, it is a lifestyle. Brings people together.

To be continued..

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