Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Poem

Where I’m From
I am from a land of make believe
A reality I want but fail to see
I am from a place where I surpassed those struggles
Through working out a plan like a football huddle
I am from a game where I might “Guess who” then monopolize and get into “Trouble”
Learn from mistakes and happiness will pop like a bubble

I am from cop sirens, baby screams, and people fighting
I’m from a polluted atmosphere with people dying
I’m from a place where we need a shift in direction
To regain hope and expand maybe get reborn overseas. Call it a sea section

I’m from the city of bricks
Building a foundation without hay or sticks
So the bad wolf cannot blow down where I’m from
Because I’m from where our one pound might feel like a ton
I still carry my roots on my back
Determined to blossom in life and stay on track
Soon to make hospitals and schools where lies liquor stores and chicken shacks
I’m from a place where you have to think positive to make it
Because you’ll still have your mind even if robbed naked

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