Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taking Brick Set to the Next Level.

Now that I devolped some studio experience and I am reaching towards the completion of my first mixtape I decided to do something new. I called for a Brick Set meeting where Ronthedon, Mujavi Ali, G.I. Joe, and myself talked about some production. We are working a plan to become known, and make some good quality music. It will be our first production not done in a home studio. We are trying to build some unification and dedication to get it all done. We will be working with the Young Money beat Bed Rock and show what we can do with it to start it all off. Brick Set mang.. Friday Night Tracks From The Starting From Scratch Mixtape are going up. Mix Tape cover was finalized, just gotta print it all out.

PS. Looking for a good producer that makes original beats
Looking for a singer as well to hop on a track or 2. (Male or Female)
I am also interested in purchasing studio equipment so I can learn to do
some hard work

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