Thursday, October 22, 2009

BB King NY Concert was unreal

Got to see a lot of upcoming artists perform (Much love and respect to all of em)Got to see some of my favorite artists including Currensy and Wiz, Kid Cudi, Jada and Styles rocked the show, and Raekwon did his thing even with a soar throat. Best of all got to shake hands with these artists thats how close I was up even though the big girl kept fuckin getting up on me and even Styles had to tell the bitch to back off when he gave her a sweaty ass towel to stop sweatin him. Her drunk ass rubbed that nasty towel on her face. Well anyways great nigh lovely enviroment everyone was shring blunts even with the aurdience. No fights all love for real hip op. OJ da Juiceman was booed and that was expected especially with the type of crowd that was there who is not too fond of that type of southern music but I couldn't boo the dude because he doing his thing. Much love to all the Brick Set supporters we gained at the concert. We were spittin for cameras and with other cool dudes that were feeling it. Shit was dope. Now about to record because damn that's what I been had to do. Hopefully I can push through cuz I'm sick today just feeling a little better now. Aww poor me right. (BTW this post will be edited with a link of pics and videos taken by Jerzee Joe who was rappin with Currensy straring at him with big popped out high ass eyes lol)

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