Sunday, November 4, 2012

Romantic Tragedy

It's 1984 in 2012

So does that mean the world is watching me go through Hell?

I'm a leave them with a hunchback cuz my name rings bells

But I'm a bring a good mood like them home cooked meals

Still leave the world shocked, like broken springs and wheels

And I rep my home state, like Lauryn Hill

And I'm tired of these people talking about poppin' pills

Cuz that can leave you fucked... up, popped and killed

I'm a spokesperson for life so I like to chill

I'm a crazy ass dude but I'm also real

I think I'm pretty sane being in this battlefield

But let's paint a pretty a picture and make it tranquil

Mixing all my colors as she lays still..

.. Similar to the scene in Titanic

And if I fall down with her, I know to won't panic...

Cuz we made a romance out of something so tragic


[Beat used : Blackmill - Evil Beauty]

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