Thursday, March 4, 2010

50th post!: A look at accomplishments

7 Months since I started recording more and promoting at all. Wow, a lot of hard work has paid off. Let's make a list. (any order) These are links BTW.

1. Mixtape Just Practice: Starting From Scratch
2. Twitter @tweet2tone
3. Facebook Fan Page
4. Videos and Music on Youtube
6. Interview and BIO on a website
7. Ustream
8. Google Me
9. Myspace (includes exclusive photos and me in the studio)
10. California Trip
11. Shout out to @RonTh3Don @JavyMcFly @J_Lamour @IrvinMartinez @gordenVR6 @ChrisLNieves @CJMcGruder The Beautiful: @C_laudia, my dudes in Newark, Rutgers, my family, all music artists, and all my supporters. Couldn't have done it with out you. Thank You.

I'm learning and getting better. School and other things are going well too. Hard work. I just have to let it be known

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