Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Writer stuff.

This was an opening paragraph to a paper I wrote in response to a poetry session I went to at Rutgers. It relates to how personal life and writing life can create conflict, but should it?

Being aware of what is shared is always going on in my mind when I am writing my poetry. I feel it does restrict my writing, but does give the appropriate censorship. Some things are better left unsaid for personal reasons and because sometimes you could be writing feelings that were only there for that moment while writing. I feel like words that are written by someone will stay with that person forever and it would be best to leave out feelings of hatred towards someone specific or something else that you want private. For one, that person can be someone you actually love and what if they pass away? Their last thoughts of your feelings on them would be hate and you would regret it because those weren’t your true feelings. Then secondly, you could be revealing something that would get you to lose your job because of how controversial or unmoral it might seem. Personally, I write a lot of my feelings and do release a lot to the public, but every so often I must know when I am saying a little bit too much.

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